Goblin Airship - The Beginning!

Here's the start. The airbag consists of 5 disks of foam and 2 half globes from the flower section of Michaels. Any craft or floral type shop should have these. The gondola platform is basically just odds and ends of wood bits. Craft sticks originially I believe. Break the ends instead of using a knife to keep thins rough and Gobliny. Here’s the first pic!

New Project - Goblin Airship

With the release of GW’s new Warhammer Fantasy rules they’ve included the stats for a Dwarven Airship. Well, this is just too cool and I just have to do something. My Ogre army will be ready for the release of the new rules so instead of doing a Dwarf Airship (my next project) I’m throwing together a quick and dirty Goblin Airship. I’ll use the stats for the Dwarf version to keep things simple so instead of 5 Organ guns, I’ll have 4 spearchukkas and a Doom Diver launcher to represent the 5 weapons. I’ll take photos as I go so others might find something useful or maybe even get inspired to do their own. Here’s the link to the photo gallery: Zepplin Project